Our Team

<span itemprop='name'>Timothy Renz</span> <span itemprop='jobTitle'>Chief Executive Officer</span> Managing the 								tasks of keeping it all together <span itemprop='name'>Mona Gamboa</span><span itemprop='jobTitle'> Chief Technical Officer</span> Keeps 										WoundRight's technology state of the art <span itemprop='name'>Jan Harrison</span><span itemprop='jobTitle'> Chief Clinical Consultant</span> 											WoundRight's CWOCN documentation expert <span itemprop='name'>Dan Williams</span><span itemprop='jobTitle'> Project Manager</span> WoundRight∧ 									wouldn't be around without him <span itemprop='name'>Eric Despain</span><span itemprop='jobTitle'> Senior Web Developer</span> Creates the 									interface you love <span itemprop='name'>Denver Bohling</span> <span itemprop='jobTitle'>Associate Developer</span> Makes sure the 								ones and zeros are in the right place <span itemprop='name'>Matt Williams</span> <span itemprop='jobTitle'>Associate Developer</span> Works hard to 									bring the right data to you <span itemprop='name'>Steve Calderon</span> <span itemprop='jobTitle'>Customer Support</span> You have a 										problem?  He has the solution.