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  • Technology has positively impacted nearly every part of daily life, now isn’t it time it changes the way you care for wounds too?  Going digital saves you from ever struggling with cumbersome, error-prone paper record systems again.  WoundRight is built ground-up for today’s latest tablet devices to seamlessly collect and utilize all types of mission-critical data right at the bedside!  This point-of-care service allows for instant, no-hassle access to all the information that care providers need to deliver the best wound care they possibly can.   We sincerely believe WoundRight is the best point-of-care wound care mobile system for numerous reasons, but for starters it features…

    Support for the Latest Tablet Devices

    WoundRight is designed for the latest generation of tablet devices allowing for unprecedented data-access, usability and mobility.

    Speedy Data Access Via the Cloud

    All of WoundRight's data is wirelessly synced to the cloud for instant cross-platform access.

    Internet-Free Operation

    WoundRight has the ability to completely function without an internet connection, that way network problems won't interfere with the way you do your job.

    Robust Collaboration Settings

    Collaboration is essential to effective wound care. Our permission settings make sure that you and your colleges always have the information you need, right at the bedside!

    See more about WoundRight including videos, FAQs, a quick start guide, and press at www.woundrightapp.com/support