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  • Even the most complete set of data would be completely useless without the correct management and reporting tools. That's why we created WoundRight Server; a browser-based utility for the management and reporting of data collected through the WoundRight app. Your data stays seamlessly up to date across every device thanks to WoundRight's powerful cloud-based data architecture. Best of all, WoundRight Server is accessible through nearly any desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device.


    With WoundRight Server there's no need to export data to 3rd party programs for report creation. Our web-based utility includes everything you need to create comprehensive reports and graphs on the fly! WoundRight Server can generate a variety of reports necessary for wound and ostomy care.


    Data collection would not be complete without the ability to view and print E-graphs. Whether you wanted to view total wound area for your patients or individual wound progress over time our graphing system has it all.

    Account Management

    Access and edit account setting from any web-enabled device. Manage collaborative preferences to set who you share data with and what data they can see.

    Inventory & Patient Tools

    Use WoundRight Server's patient management tools to quickly create new patients and manage their information. Create custom inventories of medications and treatments that you use to heal wounds.

    See more about WoundRight including videos, FAQs, a quick start guide, and press at www.woundrightapp.com/support