General Questions:

What is WoundRight?

WoundRight is a complete mobile wound care management system offering advanced wound, ostomy and continence documentation with the ability to add individual treatments and perform detailed assessments. WoundRight delivers true point of care service: bringing convenient and immediate wound care to the patient.

How much does WoundRight cost?

The WoundRight application is free and your account comes with one free patient. To work with more patients you will need to purchase more Census Credits from the Credit Purchase page. If you attempt to add patients past your limit you will be alerted by a pop-up window which will direct you where to go to upgrade credits.

Where can I download WoundRight?

From the iPad you can download WoundRight directly from the App Store or you can find a link on our product info page. If you're using an Android tablet you can find the application on Google Play and, of course, by following the link from our product info page.

What tablets are compatible with WoundRight?

Apple iOS:

  • iPad Mini
  • iPad2
  • iPad3
Popular Android Tablets:

Manufacturer Device
ASUS Transformer TF101 10.1"
ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 10.1"
Google Nexus 7 (second generation 2013)
LG *Slate 8.9
Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1
Motorola Xoom
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7"
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1"
Sony Tablet S
T-Mobile SpringBoard
Toshiba Excite 7.7"
Toshiba Excite Pro
Toshiba Excite Write

*Depends on access to Google Play

WoundRight is supported on most tablets 7in. and larger with Android OS 2.2 and up. The device also needs to have a rear camera for the app to show up in Google Play to download. Also, minimum screen resolution is 1024x768. If your device meets these requirements and you are still having difficulty downloading the app please contact support.

What web browsers does WoundRight support?

We support all major browsers including the following:

Windows XP:

  • Firefox 4.0 and above
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Opera 12

Windows 7:
  • Firefox 4.0 and above
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 12

Windows 8:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10

Apple OS X:
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

We try to support a variety of tablet and smartphone browsers but it greatly depends on screen size, so here are the tested mobile browsers with screen sizes 7in* and up:

Android OS:
  • Android stock browser
  • Chrome for Android

Apple iOS:
  • Safari on iPad 2 and up
  • Safari on iPad Mini

*Basic browsing of our site can be done with smaller screens but some features of the WoundRight server pages may not function correctly.

Is there a User’s Manual I can download?

Yes. You can open a PDF version from the Support page within the Documentation section. There is also a Quick Start guide available.

Why does my account say I have exceeded my credit limit but my tablet shows I have less then my limit?

On rare occasions this can occur if patients were added on the tablet and the server at the same time causing the server to exceed the limit. The tablet is set up to prevent seeing more patients then the limit so even though you see less then your limit on the tablet, after inactivating patients, there are still more "hidden" patients that aren't displayed that count toward your limit.

A simple fix would be to sync your device which will update your patient list with the "hidden" patients (up to the credit limit) or increase your census credit limit.

Where is my data stored?

WoundRight securely stores your data locally (on your tablet device) and on the Cloud.

Is WoundRight secure?

We know that keeping your data safe and secure is extremely important. WoundRight has numerous advanced security measures built in that are designed to keep your data completely confidential.

  • We use HTTPS protocols which provide encription of all data associated with the WoundRight system. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of communications between clients and servers, which protects against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of communications.
  • Your patients are encrypted and stored in a local secure database.
  • An encrypted email and password are required for login.

Is WoundRight compliant with current federal regulations?

Yes. Being lawful is a top priority here at WoundRight Technologies, LLC. We ensure ongoing MDS 3.0(Section M) and HIPPA compliance.

Can WoundRight integrate into my EMR?

Yes, it certainly can. Currently, WoundRight only integrates with the MedRight EMR, but if you want to integrate it into your EMR, please call our customer support line or fill out an information request.

Can you customize WoundRight for my company?

Yes, we can. For a fee we can build a customized version for your company.

Tablet Application:

How do I log in?

First, create a new account at the Create Account page. Afterwords you will be able to enter the WoundRight Server simply by clicking on the "Web Sign In" button that is located in the top-right corner of this page (or any other page on the WoundRight website). To use the WoundRight mobile app tap the application icon and then enter your account email and password.

How do I customize the patient directory page?

Patient Directory customization options are accessed by navigating to the "Resource Management" window and then to "Preferences". From there you can set whether to display patients or residents, display by name or medical record number, and whether to display the patients/resident's photo or not. Patient Directory customization options are also accessible through the WoundRight Server. Changes will take place after the tablet is synced.

How do I create and edit a folder?

From within the application you can create folders by navigating to the "Resource Management" window, selecting "Manage Patient Folders", and tapping the "+ New Folder" button. Tap the newly-created folder in order to open it and start adding patients. When a folder is empty you can tap the red "x" icon to delete it.

What does it mean to “sync” my device?

WoundRight syncing is a way to communicate with other accounts and to save information to the WoundRight Server.

Syncing is based on availability so it is not guaranteed to sync every time but this is nothing to worry about, wait a bit and try again. However, If syncing still fails after an hour then most likely there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Verify your internet is ok and if it is and you still can't sync contact support for assistance.

How do I sync my device?

WoundRight auto-syncs with our dedicated servers every time you log in. Also, you can sync at anytime by tapping the "Sync Now" button located at the top of the Patient Directory page.

How do I manage my Inventory?

Medications that affect healing - These can be added and deleted from your tablet device (only for the account logged in). Medications that affect healing can alternatively be added through the MedRight Server interface.

- To add a medication from a table simply go to "Manage Resources", tap "Medications", add the med by tapping the "Add Medication" button. Don't forget to sync your device for changes to take place on the server.
- To add medications from the server go to "Medications that Affect Healing" under the "Uploads" section. Create a spreadsheet (.csv file) and upload it. Follow the directions link if you are having trouble uploading. Old data is overwritten by the new file uploaded.

Factors that affect healing - These are uploaded the same way as medications through both the tablet and server interfaces.

Pressure Redistribution Interventions - Pressure Redistribution Interventions can be uploaded in a similar manner as factors or medications that affect healing.

(Note - Be sure to carefully follow the directions for adding Pressure Redistribution Interventions from server because this type of upload requires data to be separated into categories.)

Perform the same process for the wound and ostomy formularies. These can be configured when setting up treatments.

Why can't I modify other accounts' data

You can add, edit, or inactivate a patient located in another account. Further data modification is accessible only through the account that created the data. Much of the account data you use for an associated account is most likely used by other affiliates and should only be modified by the master account holder.

Why do I get automatically logged out?

WoundRight's security protocols automatically log users out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This feature helps to keep confidential data secure.

What if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password from a computer or any tablet device running the WoundRight app. Tap “Forgot your password?” to reset your password from within the mobile app. You will then be redirected to the password reset page. From a computer simply enter the login page on our website and click “Forgot your password?”.

I only have 1 patient, how do I get more?

Your account comes with the ability to add 1 free patient, however, if you need more then that you will need to purchase a Census Credit subscription. To purchase census credits, Please give us a call at 307-721-3803 and our customer service representative will help you through the process.

And for a limited time we will even throw in the first month FREE!

My doctor is not displaying when I create or edit a patient, why?

Doctors are added from the server, verify your doctor is listed in the Doctors section of the WoundRight server pages. If not, then re-add the doctor. The doctor should now be listed when you edit or create a patient on the server and the tablet.

What is a Census Credit?

Census Credits are what you purchase in order to add more patients to your account. One Census Credit equals one patient. You can purchase Census Credits by way of a subscription (Monthly or annual fee), and they are in bulk meaning you cannot purchase individual credits. Visit our Pricing page for more details.

Note: Subscriptions don't auto-cancel after you have upgraded to a higher Census Credit limit so be sure to cancel the previous subscription if you don't want to pay for both.

How do I switch accounts from my tablet?

In order to view another account on your device you must have first been requested for affiliation from that account. After you accept the request you can switch to view that account's patients by tapping the edit icon located next to your account name on the Patient Directory page and then selecting an account from the pop up window. You will now have access to the selected account's patients and the account's inventory. You have no access to change any of their data or configurations.

How do I take a screen shot from the tablet (pictures of my current screen on the iPad and android tablet)?

iPad: Hold down the Home and the power button at the same time.

Android: This depends on the tablet model and the version of the OS. Devices running Android 4.x can easily take screen shots by holding down the power button and the volume down button until the screen flashes (if your device does not have the appropriate hardware buttons search online for the appropriate steps to take). For devices running earlier then Android 4.0 it requires the device to be hooked up to a computer and special software to be downloaded.

How can I copy and paste my WoundRight username in the iPad and Android tablet?

For the iPad there are two ways to quickly input your username:

  1. The first method is a simple Copy and Paste
    1. Simply type in your username
    2. Tap and hold the text until a magnifying glass pops up
    3. Tap "Select all"
    4. Tap "Copy"

Now, each time you login you can just tap and hold in the username input box and tap "Paste".

Note: if you reset the iPad or copy something else to the clipboard then you will have to redo these steps.

  1. This second method has a bit more work but will not have to be redone.
    1. Tap "Settings" from the home screen

    2. Swipe to scroll down to "Keyboard"

    3. Tap it

    4. At the bottom of the right side tap "Add New Shortcut"

    5. Type your username in the "Phrase" input box

    6. In the "Shortcut" input box type something short that you can remember

Now all you have to do is type in the shortcut word(s) and when your username pops up hit "Enter" and your username will be entered.

For android tablets the simplest way is to copy and paste your username in, and the method to do that is different depending on the device and the OS of the device.

Can I use WoundRight in an isolation room?

Yes, put plastic over it and it works fine.

WoundRight Server:

Does it cost anything to create an account?


Why don't I see my data?

Your device may need to be synced. If after syncing your data still has not updated visit our Support page to contact support.

Also if you're having trouble seeing data that is time and date sensitive (reports and graphs) make sure your device is set to the correct time and timezone.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is any account holder that is associated with another account holder i.e. Hospital A (account holder) Wound care nurse A (affiliate of Hospital A); An account holder can assign patient permissions to an affiliate.

How do I add an affiliate?

From the WoundRight Server select "Find Affiliates". Search for the account holder you would like to give affiliate permissions to. They will have to accept your request in order to become affiliated.

How do I set affiliate permissions?

Navigate to the WoundRight Server main screen and select "Affiliate Permissions", Select an affiliate, check off the patients you would like that affiliate to have access to and save the page. The next time they log into their device they will have access to those patients.

What kind of reports can I generate?

You can generate reports for a patient's wounds, ostomy, or incontinence progress. You have the ability to choose the time period and to include or exclude specific sections of a report (such as pictures, treatments, etc).

How do I generate a report?

Log into WoundRight Server, select a patient, and choose which report you would like to generate. Then choose the time period and what to include in your report. Click submit.

How do i generate reports with my Doctors account?

You will need patients assigned to you from a user account before you can begin to generate reports. After you have been assigned patients you can select which account to generate from via a drop down menu on the reports page. selecting an account will load any reports generated for that patient by both the doctor account and user account. After selecting the account click Generate Report.

Why doesn't my logo print on the report?

You may not have the logo option setup correctly. You can upload your logo and edit contact information from the "Edit Accounts" page.

What kind of graphs can I generate?

You can generate graphs for the area of a wound, the progress of a wound, or the dimensions of a wound.

Progress - This will graph the total progress of a wound from the selected start date to the selected end date.

Dimensions - This graph shows the length, width, and height of a wound from the selected start date to the selected end date.

Area - The area graph shows the total area of all wounds on the patient (length x width).

How do I generate a graph?

Select "Graphing" from the main WoundRight Server page. Select a patient. Select a chart type and if required select a wound. Then, input the start and end dates. Your graph will be automatically generated.